Gerald N. Reilly


MEDIA gouache & pastel on paper



Gerald Reilly brings a lifetime of drawing and painting in this his latest series of work. Other Worldly is an interpretation of possible life forms from other planets and another world, which exists in parallel to our own.

At seventy-three the Toronto born painter has pulled together a lifetime of craft, detail and technical skill into this watercolour  series. His straight-ahead style is echoed in his own statement about his work.

"I have no esoteric thoughts or comments about my work. I see or think about things that appeal to me then draw them or paint them my way,"

Tho series of 17 watercolour paintings, named OTHER WORLDLY, for its attempt at displaying a window into multiple dimensions. With over forty years of graphic design experience Gerald Reilly brings a mastery of watercolour to this series. The paintings inspired artist/designer/musician Orangecap. to assemble some friends and create an album of ambient music to accompany the work. The music interprets the colour and space created in the works, which Reilly describes this way.

'We are told by astronomers and galactic scientists that there may be highly intelligent life forms in far off universes and galaxies of a diifferent time frame. These works are my interpretations of a possible membrane(brane) form in which they might arrive or leave alter viewing the planet."

The result is Project 8, seven musicians and painter Gerald Reilly. The music is diverse and introspective and the interpretations come from artists such as Brilliantfish,Castro, Cedar and Ray Monner.  The collection of paintings with the new recordings toured in galleries across Canada.

Gerald Reilly’s work has inspired 16 songs and seven other artists. In his spare time he made wonder jams and jellies. Sadly Gerald passed away in 2016, he will be missed.