1957: Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

1977-81: Graduated from Ontario College of Art O.C.A.), Toronto

1980: Third Year Sculpture Award - O.C.A.

1981: Fourth Year Exchange Show: O.C.A./University  of Guelph, Ontario, Canada

1982: Private Show, Toronto

1983: "Art Invesco" group show, Toronto

1983: Private studio show, Toronto

1985-87: Travelled: India, Dominica (B.WI.),

Vancouver, B.C., Eagle Lake, Ontario

1987: Established Artists' Group: "Views By" Kettleby, Onto Can.

1988: "Views by Six" - first group show, Kettleby, Ont. Can.

1990: "Views by Seven" - group show, Toronto

1991: Toronto Artists' Show "Roundup", Toronto

1991: (Fall) "Views By" show, Toronto

1992: ''Views by Four", "Roundup '92", Toronto

1992: "ESTO 92", Estonian World Festival, New York, N.Y.

1992: EKKT - Society of Estonian Artists in Toronto - "Arts Week", Fall exhibition

Member of EKKT since 1991, EKKT annual group  exhibitions in 1993,1997,1998,1999.

Works in private collections in Canada and Dominica  (B.WI.).

Showing at Mad Dog Gallery since 2000.

MEDIA  steel, copper

subjects  anything